News & Events

Feb 24 2021

Biowater Technology AS and the life cycle of its carriers for MBBR and IFAS applications

Have you ever wondered what the duration of the carriers used in MBBR and IFAS applications could be? Recently our partner Biowater Technology AS...
Feb 8 2021

Replacement of Suez ultrafiltration devices for wastewater treatment of a pharmaceutical group

Waterspin has completed the replacement of the immersed membrane ultrafiltration devices installed at the wastewater treatment plant of the...
Jan 27 2021

Replacement of MBR ultrafiltration devices with ZeeWeed SUEZ membranes

Waterspin recently completed the replacement of MBR ultrafiltration devices of an industrial wastewater treatment plant of an automotive company with...
Dec 11 2020

Installation of the Suez MBR Ultrafiltration cassettes

We are carrying out assistance operations for the installation of SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions MBR ultrafiltration cassettes, picked by...
Oct 30 2020

Ecomondo 2020: digital edition

From the 3rd to the 15th of November Waterspin will participate to the 2020 edition of Ecomondo, the largest digital fair dedicated to the green...
Oct 12 2020

Waterspin goes to Ecomondo 2020

From the 3rd until the 6th of November, Waterspin is participating to the 2020 edition of Ecomondo, the international fair dedicated to innovation...
Jul 30 2020

Innovative system for removing recalcitrant substances by Arvia Technology

Do you need to remove recalcitrant COD, micropollutants, emerging pollutants, color from your effluents? Waterspin can help you with the solutions...
Jul 14 2020

Waterspin distributes SUEZ ZW500 and ZW1000 membranes exclusively for Italy

Waterspin distributes in Italy ultrafiltration devices for MBR applications, tertiary and drinking water treatments produced by SUEZ WATER...
Jul 1 2020

Partnership with Biogill

We are proud to announce our partnership with Biogill, an innovative Australian company specializing in the treatment of wastewater generated by...