Filtration section in the tanning sector

Mar 4 2024

Today we want to tell you about our recent commissioning of an MBR filtration section for a customer who builds purification and reuse plants in the tanning sector.

The end user is a company specialized in the production of high quality calfskin that adopts a sustainable process with excellent artisanal and industrial techniques that have allowed it to become a supplier of the main luxury brands in the footwear and leather goods sector.

The site generates approximately 1,000 m 3 of wastewater per day which is treated by a biological purification plant with MBR scheme built entirely by our client who chose the ZeeWeed technology distributed by Waterspin for this important order.

The filtration section is developed on 3 parallel trains which not only offer great flexibility by allowing fiber washing operations to be conducted automatically, but also guarantee a high degree of reliability even in the most demanding operating conditions.

To find out the details of ZeeWeed MBR technology, visit our website in the dedicated section.