MBR ultrafiltration membranes and MABR ventilation systems

Advanced electro-oxidation devices

Attached growth bioreactor systems


Innovative solutions for water treatment and reduction of operating costs

Biomedia for MBBR and IFAS applications

Process optimization and energy saving solutions

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Waterspin represents and distributes in Italy a number of products and technologies for the implementation of various urban and industrial wastewater purification processes. Depending on the specific purification needs and environmental context in which the project must be carried out, thanks to the collaboration with highly specialized partners capable of developing innovative solutions, and supported by constant research and development, Waterspin is able to propose the most suitable solution to satisfy the need of the customer.

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Jul 22 2021

New MBBR plant installed by Waterspin

The first of two biological treatment lines that constitute a new MBBR plant designed to purify 1,800 m3 / day of urban wastewater in which...
Mar 23 2021

Installation of SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions pilot plant

Our customers operating in the industrial field are interested in carrying out pilot tests to confirm the applicability, performance and operating...
Feb 24 2021

Biowater Technology AS and the life cycle of its carriers for MBBR and IFAS applications

Have you ever wondered what the duration of the carriers used in MBBR and IFAS applications could be? Recently our partner Biowater Technology AS...
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Biowater Technology AS is a Norwegian company specialized in the design and engineering of biomedia to support the growth of attached biomass (biofilm carriers) for MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) applications.


With over 150 years of experience in the field of wastewater and drinking water management, Suez is today one of the major world players in the production of PVDF hollow-fiber membranes and ultrafiltration devices for the treatment and reuse of water


CREATECH 360 is a Spanish company based in Vic, near Barcelona, ​​specialized in process control and optimization of performance, as well as  energy demand of civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants.


Biogill is an Australian company established in 2009 with the aim of commercializing a technology developed a few years earlier by ANSTO, an Australian organization specializing in nuclear research

Arvia Technology

Arvia Technology is an English company, founded in 2007 by a spin-out from the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science at the University of Manchester, which carried out research in the field of nuclear industry.

what do we do

Services and Applications



  • Ultrafiltration sections for MBR applications
  • Tertiary treatment stages for wastewater recovery
  • Filtration and ultrafiltration units for  drinking water applications
  • Biological sections designed according to MBBR, IFAS or SBR technology, conventional CAS stages and CAS stages designed according to an intermittent aeration protocol
  • Advanced aeration systems with gas permeable membranes (MABR)


Field of Activity

  • Technologies for the treatment of wastewater and its industrial reuse
  • Solutions for water production plants for industrial use
  • Dairy
  • Wine, beer, alcohol and fruit juices production
  • Pharmaceutical



  • Assistance for the technology selection and sizing of the biological process
  • Estimation of  investment costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX)
  • Energy audits of existing wastewater treatment plants and estimation  of achievable energy savings
  • Laboratory and on field pilot tests to verify technology feasibility
  • Product installation assistance services