Submerged ultrafiltration devices by SUEZ

Jan 27 2022

Although the ultrafiltration devices for MBR applications that we distribute are of the submerged type, and therefore destined to spend their entire useful life immersed in the biomass of a purification plant, the finishing of the components and the quality of the materials used by Suez manages to amaze even who does not deal with this technology frequently.

The box is delivered completely pre-assembled and ready to be lowered into the housing tank: the frame is made of AISI316 steel and its welds are carefully finished. The individual fibers of supported hollow membranes are perfectly clamped inside each module which is equally spaced from the adjacent one and hooked to the frame with an efficient quick ON / OFF closure system. The air diffusers for scouring are aligned at the base of the box and already connected to the ventilation manifold.

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