New treatment plant using BioGill technology

Sep 12 2022

Waterspin has completed the start-up of a new purification plant with BIOGILL® technology to treat the wastewater of a craft brewery that produces 10 m 3 / day. Our customer purchased a 2-tower system , inside which grows a specific biomass attached to internal fixed supports coated with a special material composed of ceramic nano particles. This solution allows the transport of oxygen from atmospheric air to the microorganisms responsible for the purifying process.

The wastewater to be treated, after having undergone the appropriate pre-treatments, is pumped to the top of the first tower where, thanks to a particular hydraulic distributor, it is homogeneously dispersed over the entire section of the tower and along the sheets of nano-ceramic membranes until it reaches the fund and the next stage of treatment.

Since the atmospheric air reaches the inside of the towers by convection – thanks to the heat generated by the degradation process of the pollutants – the BIOGILL® technology does not require the installation of blowers to “oxygenate” the biomass and is in fact a very low energy consumption solution.

The plant will discharge into the public sewer by reducing the COD and BOD in input from the initial 3,000 ppm and 2,000 ppm to values ​​below 500 ppm and 250 ppm respectively.

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