New MBBR plant installed by Waterspin

Jul 22 2021

The first of two biological treatment lines that constitute a new MBBR plant designed to purify 1,800 m3 / day of urban wastewater in which BioCarriers (supports for attached biomass) of Biowater Technology AS have been installed.
Waterspin is the unique distributor of Biowater Technology products in Italy. Each biological treatment line is configured according to a three-stage scheme: in the first stage the denitrification process takes place in which the nitrates present in the wastewater are converted into molecular nitrogen. In the second, the oxidation of organic carbon takes place, while in the third the oxidation of ammoniacal nitrogen.
During the start-up period of the plant, the microorganisms responsible for the purification process will colonize the protected surface of the bio-carriers, creating a biofilm that will grow in thickness to allow the plant to reach maximum treatment capacity. The carrier selected for this project is the BWT-15 model which develops a protected surface area of ​​828 m2 / m3 ideal for municipal applications where, among other things, high performance in nitrogen removal is required.

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