Biowater Technology AS is a Norwegian company specialized in the design and engineering of biomedia to support the growth of attached biomass (biofilm carriers) for MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor) and IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) applications. The company has over 40 years of experience in the field and has an innovative R&D department that has allowed it to fine-tune the production of biofilm carriers for increasing highly performing municipal and industrial applications, both in terms of treatment efficiency and energy consumption.

The technology which allows the biomass to grow attached to moving plastic supports exploits the ability of the colonies of microorganisms that are generated within  the biological process to form a biofilm  adhered to the surface of special plastic elements that are dispersed in the biological volume. These elements, called carriers or media, have the purpose of increasing the quantity of active biomass present in the system and enhance the pollutant removal capacity of a plant which, if compared to conventional solutions  designed as classic activated sludge process, , can handle higher inlet loading conditions with the same process volume or, with the same organic input, will require less volume and therefore occupy less space.

Soluzioni disponibili


CMFF stands for Complete Mix Fixed Film and it indicates the most classic process in which carriers can be used: pure MBBR, in which the biomedia are confined in all the treatment stages of the biological reactor and in each of them the growth of the biomass specific to that process takes place.


CFAS stands for Combined Fixed Film Activated Sludge and it indicates a hybrid process where you can achieve all the benefits of a traditional activated sludge process combined with a biological fixed-film system to create a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant in a much smaller footprint.


CFIC (Continuos Flow Intermittent Cleaning) is Biowater’s innovative proprietary technology of attached grow biomass process with a very high filling coefficient, which guarantees high performance and low investment costs.

Types of carrier

Il processo a biomassa adesa su supporti mobili si basa sull’utilizzo di speciali elementi plastici progettati con forma e dimensioni particolari tali da consentire una rapida e stabile crescita di biofilm biologico all’interno della loro superficie protetta.

Sistema di diffusione aria

Il design del sistema di aerazione in un impianto biologico che adotta tecnologia a biomassa adesa su supporti mobili riveste una fondamentale importanza nei confronti delle prestazioni che si desidera raggiungere.

Sistema di ritenzione carrier

L’adozione di un sistema di ritenzione che impedica ai carrier presenti nel reattore biologico di essere trascinati verso lo scarico e dispersi nell’ambiente rappresenta forse l’aspetto più critico nel dimensionamento di un impianto a biomassa adesa su supporti mobili.