Installation of an ultrafiltration section with MBR modules

May 7 2023

Our solution with the construction of an MBR ultrafiltration section in prefabricated metal carpentry tanks is becoming increasingly interesting, even in the industrial field. This is due both to the speed of construction and to the possibility of being easily integrated into an existing purification plant.

This week’s case is that of one of our customers specialized in the construction of purification plants for the food industry who completed the installation of an ultrafiltration section made with ZeeWeed MBR modules and ZW500D cassettes with low energy consumption Leap aerators in capable of treating more than 700 m 3 /day of wastewater.

Thanks to this plant modification, accompanied by the modernization of the aeration section of the biological tanks, the end user was able to increase the wastewater flow rate treated by his plant by 30% and lay the foundations for the future wastewater reuse process at the inside the industrial site.