Supply of ultrafiltration membranes for a municipal MBR application

Mar 30 2022

On behalf of one of our customers specialized in the construction of prefabricated transportable purification plants, we have recently supplied and installed hollow fiber supported ultrafiltration membranes for a municipal MBR application.

It is a small urban agglomeration that has a 100 m3 / day purification plant equipped with fine screening pre-treatment, biological tank with denitro / nitro section and separate membrane housing tank. Inside the latter, SUEZ ZeeWeed model ZW500SA membranes were installed, particularly suitable for placing in the case of a reduced hydraulic head, as is typical for purification plants built in prefabricated tanks.

This particular ultrafiltration cassette requires a minimum of 2.1 m of water to be installed and is able to develop filtration surfaces between 100 and 450 m2 which are very interesting for that range of purification plants that goes from 100 to a few thousand equivalent inhabitants.

If you want to know more about which ultrafiltration devices you can use for a small prefabricated MBR system, visit the dedicated page on our website.