Suez technology for small treatment plants

Oct 20 2021

It is known to many that MBR technology can be helpful in small purification plants.

SUEZ MBR Technology

However, not everyone knows that thanks to the products of the ZeeWeed series by SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions it is possible to create ultrafiltration sections with hollow membranes supported even in a prefabricated transportable concrete tank.

A quick and easy installation

What we want to tell you today is the story of one of our customers who decided to offer the end user a compact, quick and easy installation solution. The prefabricated tank chosen houses a SUEZ box model ZW500D16M capable of developing up to 640 m2 and provides an adjacent space for the future installation of the second filtration train.

 It was possible to prefabricate most of the supplies in the workshop, thus arriving on site with few elements to assemble together, ensuring a great speed of installation. With regard to the electromechanical and instrumental accessory components, space has been provided to be able to mount everything necessary for the doubling of the section in the future.

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