Carrier retention system

The adoption of a retention system that prevents the carriers present in the biological reactor from being dragged towards the drain and dispersed into the environment represents perhaps the most critical aspect in the sizing of a biomass plant adhered to mobile supports.

Concerning construction considerations, we prefer the adoption of completely submerged horizontal cylindrical grills made of stainless steel, that can guarantee a limited pressure drop and at the same time ensure easier cleaning compared to the more traditional vertical grills.

Thanks to a timed air cleaning system located underneath each grid and connected to the main air manifold for the biological process, it is possible to generate localized turbulence which promotes cleaning by hindering carrier adhesion and clogging due to organic biomass.

The variables to consider when choosing the retention system are:

  • Number and orientation in the tank
  • Cylinder diameter and length
  • Diameter and density of the passage holes
  • Sustainable hydraulic flow
  • Pressure drops generated