Installation of the new ultrafiltration section with hollow membranes by SUEZ

Jun 25 2021

This week our technicians will complete the assistance activities to an important Italian plant engineer for the installation and execution of blank tests of a new SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions hollow membrane ultrafiltration section for MBR applications. The new MBR plant will serve a company specialized in the recovery and enhancement of unsorted collection waste.
The plant, which as a whole will treat 1,200 m3 / day of sewage, provides for two parallel filtration lines made in prefabricated metal carpentry tanks equipped with ZW500D cassettes with Leap aerators with low energy consumption: since an increase in delivery is expected of material to be recycled, and consequently of sewage to be treated, the ultrafiltration section not only already ensures a possibility of expansion of about 20% of the filtration surface but has been designed to be easily doubled, thanks to two other lines twins that can be positioned alongside the existing ones.

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