Installation of SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions pilot plant

Mar 23 2021

Our customers operating in the industrial field are interested in carrying out pilot tests to confirm the applicability, performance and operating costs of an MBR with SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions membranes. We are talking about sectors such as color and paints, paper, pharmaceutical and API industries, tanning and textile industries, as well as waste treatment and food waste processing companies.

The pilot plants available are: containerized solution with an ultrafiltration section and an annexed technical room, as well as a containerized solution with a pretreatment section, a biological section and an ultrafiltration section with an annexed technical room.
The 1st type mentioned above  includes the system that we installed this month, equipped with SUEZ membranes.
The test will allow the staff responsible for running the plant to become familiar with MBR technology and to more correctly define the applicable net flows and the best washing strategies to be adopted for the full-scale plant. The rental package, in addition to assistance with installation and start-up, includes specialized services dedicated to the management and optimization of the filtration process and the supervision of plant performance remotely with a dedicated connection.

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