Assistance for extra-ordinary maintenance work on MBR devices

May 4 2021

Waterspin offers assistance for extra-ordinary maintenance work on MBR devices. The situations in which we are called to operate are often critical and require quick solutions that minimize the downtime of the plant. The last service carried out was aimed at improving the performance of an MBR ultrafiltration section with SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions membranes in operation for over 5 years on a municipal plant.

The fine screening had been constantly bypassed and the aerated mixture to be filtered had suspended solids values ​​beyond the maximum permitted operating threshold. Despite the harsh operating conditions, the membrane modules of the ZW500D series were still capable of producing quality permeate. Each device has been extracted, cleaned and thoroughly checked in order to exclude damage to the fibers or other components and the set-points of the control software program have been updated.

Our intervention brought the customer’s filtration devices back to much better working pressures, reducing the TMP from the average 300 mbar found pre-intervention to about 90 mbar at restart.

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