Installation of SUEZ ultrafiltration membranes in a tank

Sep 16 2022

This week the Waterspin technicians started the assistance service for the installation of the SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions ultrafiltration membranes for MBR application, purchased from one of our important customers specialised in the construction of purification plants in the industrial sector.

The purification plant will serve a milk and dairy products processing site, which as a whole will treat up to 6,000 m 3 / day of wastewater. The ultrafiltration section is spread over four parallel filtration lines equipped with 40 m 2 ZeeWeed modules and ZW500D cassettes with Leap low energy consumption aerators.

The first three lines will be put into operation shortly, while the fourth will be equipped in the future, when the production plant reaches its maximum operational capacity. In the coming weeks, the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical connections will be fully completed, after which we will return to the field to assist our customer in the installation and customization of the control software and in the test and blank tests.

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