Process optimization and energy saving

Creapro® is an advanced control platform that manages and optimizes in real time the treatment stages of a wastewater treatmentplant, based on a combination of mathematical models and advanced control logics that guarantee more effective system monitoring and directly measurable energy savings.

It is increasingly common for the plant manager to optimize the process of his plant based on the analysis of online data rather than on the outcome of the analytical reports of the samples taken at strategic points of the purification process. The Creapro® platform has been designed to analyze and process the online data provided by the sensors in the field, the offline data uploaded by the operator, all the information collected from the measurements of the flow rate, intensity, working time and frequency of all electromechanical equipment and to translate them into the most useful process strategy to improve performance and consumption.


Creapro® platform

The Creapro® platform is the most complete and innovative tool designed to introduce the use of artificial intelligence into a purification plant. It can be implemented with any existing communication protocol and in any plant regardless of its size and complexity, in fact it operates as an intelligent control system that independently modifies the management variables of the plant with the sole purpose of pursuing the limits of  discharge imposed by law with the lowest possible energy consumption.