CFIC (Continuos Flow Intermittent Cleaning) is Biowater’s innovative proprietary technology of attached grow biomass process with a very high filling coefficient, which guarantees high performance and low investment costs.

Its very compact design and its small footprint, typical of this technological approach, make this solution very useful in adapting to a large number of wastewater treatment plants, both municipal and industrial.

The operation is sequential in cycles and it involves two phases that overlap without interrupting the treatment of the flow. The first one is the production phase, in which the system carries out the degradation of the polluting organic component, and the second phase that is  a cleaning stage, where the excess sludge accumulation is removed by thickening it and then dehydrating it. The high carrier filling coefficient adopted in the biological volume of this solution (typically between 90% and 99%) allows only small movements to the mass of plastic supports during the production phase. In these conditions the biofilm grows using the nutrients dispersed in the biomass for its development. When operating conditions require it, the production phase overlaps with the cleaning phase, which provides for the temporary increase of the reaction volume thanks to an internal recirculation that generates a high turbulence between the carriers. The carriers then lose the excess sludge  which is guided to the thickening and dewatering stages.

Main features:

  • Possibility of implementing existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Extremely compact process volume
  • Reduced footprint
  • Very competitive energy consumption levels
  • Low investment costs