Biogill Ultra

Biogill Ultra is a completely prefabricated solution designed for small applications (15-60 m3/day) both in the commercial/municipal field and in the F&B and brewery industry where COD loads can be both significant and discontinuous in the time. The Biogill elements responsible for the biological treatment process are housed within the reaction tank, while the skid containing all the electromechanical components of the system is connected separately.

At the exit of the Biogill Ultra, the installation of a secondary settler is required to collect the sludge generated by the process to be sent for disposal.

Main features:

  • Simple on-site positioning and limited footprint
  • Separate and pre-assembled electromechanical component skid
  • Control panel with dedicated PLC and HMI
  • Recirculation pumps with frequency regulator
  • Flow rate measurement in feed and recirculation tools
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Ability to control operations remotely

Download the information sheets