Advanced electro-oxidation devices

The technology is aimed at tertiary industrial applications, i.e. the polishing stages of wastewater which has already been pre-treated, but that requires the removal of specific pollutants, or emerging pollutants, which could otherwise not be reduced, such as antibiotics, benzodiazepines, pesticides, refractory COD and color. The technology is based on the combination of an electric field in the presence of a cathode, consisting of a series of lamellar electrodes, and an anode coated by an absorbent medium of a particular patented material called Nyex. Nyex is a in a non-porous form of activated carbon, with excellent conductivity properties, which constitutes the cells of the anode. This special material at the base of Arvia’s technology features combines rapid absorption capacity and simultaneous electrochemical regeneration property that achieves 100% efficiency. The applied electric field causes the electrochemical oxidation of the pollutants absorbed on the surface of the absorbent material, which is continuously regenerated during the process.


Pilot plants

Given the great variety of macromolecules that are part of the recalcitrant COD of an industrial wastewater stream, it is very often necessary to conduct a pilot test on the field to determine which Nyex solution to adopt (Nyex-a or Nyex-e), to extimate the electrical costs associated with the chemical electro-oxidation reaction ( kWh / kgCOD removed) and the connected investment budget for the full-scale solution.