First Arvia Technology pilot electro-oxidation plant in Italy

Jun 17 2021

The installation of the first pilot electro-oxidation plant by Arvia Technology Ltd in Italy has started earlier this week.

The pilot study will be performed at an industrial site specialising in the production of acrylic resins. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the ability of the system to remove acetonitrile from wastewater generated by an industrial process in order to be able to reuse it for technological uses.
The waste generated by the production activity is currently discharged into a biological treatment plant and subsequently sent to the sewer. Among the numerous pilot plants available, for this test Arvia Technology LTD has selected a skid equipped with an Ellenox reactor (Nyex-e) designed to work in forced recirculation with a maximum capacity of 1 m3 / h.
Thanks to the different sampling points present before and after the electrochemical cell, it will be possible to optimize the intensity of the electric field according to the results of the laboratory analyzes performed on a daily basis, thus being able to maximize the performance of the system also in terms of energy.

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